A&E Plunges Itself (and the world) Ever Closer To The Armageddon.


Yes that’s right. Just when you thought it was safe to be a usual run of the mill bi-a-tch you just can’t. Why not? Because there are other bi-a-tches out there bigger and badder than you. Inspite of the writer’s strike that threatens to destroy all season openers for 2008, there’s one giant on the block who just doesn’t care about writers at all.

And that’s A&E.

There was a time when A&E used to stand for Arts & Entertainment. Now it should really just stand for Awww & Ewww! There’s no arts on that channel anymore; it has slowly over the years burrowed itself into the heart of reality tv to become nothing more than the core around which all these television debacles revolve. They were the ones who brought you such classics as “Breaking Bonaduce”, “Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels”, and of course “The Two Coreys”.

Utter (fucking) genius.

So I watched every episode of The Two Coreys, and I really really tried to hold back my puke. That car wreck was so fucking engaging that I thought to myself no executive in their right mind would green-lite this thing for a second season. Right? Right?

Well Awww & Ewww television is apparently pursuing a second season of The Two Coreys with such vehemence that in spite of the “two Coreys'” insipid infighting this will likely be a reality for both you and I this summer. I suspect that both Coreys will sign for a second season despite their “skyrocketing” careers. And to quote off the Feldog Blog (I guess that should be Felblog) :

“…Well , heres some quick updates on what’s coming up this year…..firstly the powers that be at the A&E network have demanded a second season of “The Two Corey’s”. Will I do it? Should I do it? Frustrating isn’t it. Welcome to my world! haha….. Let’s just say we are currently having creative talks and negotiations to see if we can find a way to continue the show even given the broken state that Haim and my relationship is in . Please note for the record this is not about or because of Susie, the problems Haim and I have in real life occured after the show was over and do not have anything to do with the scripted banter from last season. That said, if we do come back the next season will have to be darker, edgier, and more real because that’s where it’s at…”

Note that our boy Feldman is enjoying his Christmas day 2007 by posting this trite crap and not spending time with his personal MILF. I’d be up in there, that’s for sure. If you’re really interested in reading the FelBlog then go here:


You should note that he also talks about there being a Lost Boys 3 in there somewhere, when I get a confirmation that Warner Bros. is moving on that then we can add them to the dead pool too…and trust me I’ll write about it then too.

And what does the Haimster have to say about all of this?

Nothing. Just a gust of wind blowing through the vale. I hear nothing, so I assume that he’s still behind the dumpster looking for his career.

Wait Corey, what’s that? Is that it? Oh no. Sorry it’s just Universal Groove lying there waiting for someone to find it and buy it enough times to contribute to your lunch money. And yes I can say that because I dropped coin on it, so you better have enjoyed that lunch I bought ya.

What yer step y’all, the Armageddon is coming.


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