Love Monkey #9


The mystic Love Monkey #9 episode of The Two Coreys was absolute trash. Nothing more than Suzie and Feldman sitting on that terribly shit art deco post-modern “couch” (must have been uncomfortable for mrs. feldman’s bony ass) and reminiscing on how much they just loved being with Haim. The really funny thing is that they were signed for 8 episodes of that crap, and then this magic #9 ball shows up extending the life of the show for one more fucking week. Shabeez. Geez. Smelly.

 Still we got to review a bunch of footage that we’d never seen before because it had never been aired. I suspect that the Haimster will still receive a check in the mail to buy his next boatload of drugs…yes mistah clean-boy! Yes!

So Haim has flown away. they’re both pissed at each other. They both started shooting Lost Boys 2 2 weeks ago; and the press is reporting that they hate each other. More likely have staged this hate relationsip with eachother because they live on different coasts and it’s easier that way.

What’s next for Corey Haim now that Love Monkey Episode #9 is complete? Why the pharmacy of course! Got to get that next Rx filled out just in time. After all he’s got to brace himself for another Larry King appearance once his Oscar winning performance is seen in the forthcoming Universal Groove.


One Response to “Love Monkey #9”

  1. 1 Dee

    I really liked the two Coreys. I have been a fan of Corey Haim for 20 years now, AND PROUDE OF IT…

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