Make the Pain go Away…Please.


What is it about him that makes us watch? Is it because he looks like a car wreck victim saved by the jaws of life? Is it because on the show The Two Coreys he still looks like he’s tweaking on something? or is it because we just love to hate to love him?

 I’ve got no clue what the right answer is, but I watch.

And I watched the Coreys “biography” on A&E yesterday too. I’m not sure what’s happening to me but I feel as thought my human condition is melting away, and as if I’m on some kind of autopilot out of control ride.

Part of me wants this to work and see the Second Coming of the Corey; and part of me wants it to fail so that we can all be safe in our little bubbles where the Coreys no longer exist, no longer can act, and are no longer part of recent memory; a place where they exist strictly for our amusement in faded thoughts of a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

But still I watch; with a fervor and hunger that consumes me and my life. Please make it stop; so that I may sleep and not dream of things that may or may not be. Please make it stop as a heart does stop when it comes to arrest.

As Linda Blair’s stomach did say “help me…” please.


Duck, the armageddon is nigh.


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